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Students at our institute not only study hard and perform well, they also enjoy a lot with their peers, alumni and other people directly or indirectly associated with us with a purpose in place

Clubs & Activities

At My School Olympiad, we have different Activity Clubs which is meant for all the existing as well as alumni students to participate and enjoy. We have Quiz Club, Help Club, Magic Club, Sport Club to name a few. These clubs plan different activities through out the year and thus ensure an overall development of every child enrolled with us. Your ward can also be a part of it.

Activity Clubs at My School Olympiad
Volunteering by student from My SchoolOlympiad

Social Support

Our existing students and alumni participate in many social work, hand-in-hand with NGOs for Education and Health. They distribute old books, clothes, medicines and more and even participates in voluntary teaching of needy children as and when their time permits. Make your ward to be one of the members of this noble cause and be socially responsible.

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