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7 Tips to score more in any Olympiad Exam

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Tips to score more in any olympiad exams

Every year many Olympiads are conducted across the world. In India, SOF, Unified Council and Silverzone have gained its importance as private bodies, merely by providing better quality and services. In some Olympiads, students compete with their peers at National level and in some at International level.

Olympiads are mainly conducted at school level in rounds. The Round 1 is for all who wants to participate and check their skills, but Round 2 is only for the Qualifiers. Hence to be successful in these contests one needs to know the following 10 points, to be among the top percentiles.

Once you understand its benefits, you need to register for the Olympiads with a proper plan in place and make it a regular affair like your school studies.

Decide which Olympiads to register

A parent or the student should be very clear which subjects to choose and which companies to go for each Olympiads. Every one has their own specialities, which can be easily found out by downloading sample papers from respective sites. This decision to be freeze by end of April to mid of May of any academic year. Once done, the student is all set for his/her preparation.

Know the syllabus

Try to grab the syllabus from respective sites, but remember, these exams are bit tougher than the normal school exam types, hence need to dig deeper to understand the syllabus by looking into previous year papers.

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." – Robert Collier

Early starter advantage

Students should not wait for the Olympiad dates to get announced. As mentioned earlier, get things ready and start your preparation early. The ones with International ranks are found to be early starters.

Concentrate on the fundamentals

Majority students prefer rote learning now a days. If that is your case, getting qualified for Round 2 of any Olympiad will be a real tough job for you, as majority questions will be a culmination of different concepts clubbed together

Make a proper mix of time

Students need to make a proper time table for his/her studies along with extra-curricular activities. Get yourself blocked for school studies, Olympiad preparation, relaxation and others with a plan in place.

Practice, Practice & Practice

The only key to success in Olympiad exams is by thorough practice with similar types of questions as these Olympiads ask. If you find it hard to get enough papers or questions, we suggest you to enrol for Olympiad preparation courses either offline or online. This will ensure your success.

Look into your health

A common saying ‘All is well that ends well’. So to perform and score more in Olympiad exams, you need to keep a close look at your health. At least before the exam dates, delete pizzas, burgers, oily foods from outside and make your guardians happy by asking for home-made food.

How we can help

We know at times, it is hard to find the teachers who are in a position to help you in Olympiad preparation, within their busy schedule, but you should be in a look out for the same throughout the year. If you are reading this blog and have come to this line, you got it right – ‘You have reached the right place’. At My School Olympiad, we have a pool of experienced teachers to train your child for any type of Olympiad preparation from Class 3 to Class 10 for different subjects. Check Further here.

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