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refund policy

Money Is Important At Both Ends

Started on a strong belief in accessible education, My School Olympiad – a unit of More Score Education is proud to bring Offline Courses and Online Programs to all corners of the world, either directly or through our franchises and associates in growth. Each year our student community grows and strengthens, and our alumni rejoice as passionate and curious learners.



Offline Courses - We follow the 'Regular Advance Monthly Payment’ along with a ‘Yearly Registration Fee’ for all the courses under this banner, hence the question of refund does not exist. If you feel our services to be unsatisfactory, you can easily drop-off from the next month without further payment.

Online Programs - For the different courses or mock test series under this category, we follow a clear cut 24-Hours Money Back Guaranty after enrolment for the specific course or mock test series and with full 100% successful payment.


However, there is no refund if the course(s) and/or mock test series are taken at a discounted price, which comes as an offer at times.

Further to note, none of the courses or mock test series is/are transferable at any point of time. There will be no refund for such a request.

For any further queries on the matter, kindly email us at by clicking below.

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